Aviation and technology...two great passions.

It all started one summer in 1985, from a loving father who in an unexpected surprise, gifted his son a Commodore 64 with Microsoft Flight Simulator II. Until then, that little boy had spent his childhood building static model airplanes, dreaming one day of a private pilot's license.


Thus, with the simulator began a new way of growing a passion for aviation, using imagination to bridge the minimal graphic representation of scenarios but learning the rules of flight and how to use aircraft instrumentation.

Since then things have changed in ways unthinkable in those days, with the arrival especially of virtual reality that has elevated simulations to a very high level of immersion.

So I developed airports, scenery and missions to get the most out of this magnificent software and offer the best virtual experience with the Microsoft FS2020 simulator.

And it is with this passion that we have in common, that I hope you will enjoy the products and spend many hours of fun and education.

Happy landings!

Dedicated to that beloved father

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