What to do before you start
  • Install and always stay updated to the latest official version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with ALL FREE Microsoft/Asobo updates, such as world and city updates, planes and activities.
  • Uninstall ALL airports with the SAME ICAO code as those present in the products from the "Community" folder of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
    For example, for the Winter Adventure in Switzerland bundle, you must uninstall any LSVE and LS01 airports  downloaded from other sources.
    You can find the list with the ICAO identifiers included in the bundles on each product page.
  • Set the volume of voices to maximum and possibly lower them later.
  • Winter Adventure in Switzerland

    Assign a button to raise the view in the cockpit (SPACEBAR).
  • Veneto Tours

    Assign a button to raise the view in the cockpit (SPACEBAR).
    Set a button for the water rudder ( CTRL+W on the keyboard)
  • In many areas visited there is photogrammetry, so you may need to lower the level of terrain detail, as well as all kinds of traffic to maintain your FPS.
  • Some mountains in the Belluno Prealps are transparent if you fly too close to them(at the time of SU14-WU16)
  • Airport vehicles follow aircraft taxiways. If they have too much presence, we recommend lowering the traffic level of these vehicles at the airport.
  • If inadequate aircraft appear in the seaports, decrease ground traffic of aircraft at the airport.
  • If you turn on subtitles for voices, longer texts will cover the screen. We recommend not activating them and rather repeating tours or missions to hear the audio narratives again. In any case, you can find the texts that are read by voice, transcribed in the Navlog file included in the installation folders. 
  • Automatic text voice reading in some languages may not have accurate pronunciation.
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