Here you can find every answer about the products and their features
What are the minimum requirements to play with these products?
A computer with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and all free updates installed is required, with at least one joystick or joypad for aircraft control.
What knowledge is needed to play?
To get the most enjoyment out of these simulated flight adventures, it is recommended that you know the rules of visual flight and know how to perform an airport traffic circuit, know how to fly an airplane with STOL characteristics, how to handle seaplanes in water, how to set a navigation frequency, follow a radial on the OBS, or how to enter IFR flight plans into Garmin systems and other aircrafts.

It is also recommended that you know how to fly helicopters or gliders, for which you can use the lessons in the Microsoft simulator.

Anyway, in most cases you can change the type of assistance from the main menu of the simulator.

Do the airports and scenery replicate real ones?
Airports and scenery do not accurately reproduce real ones but have been enhanced from default or specially created for entertainment, using only Microsoft/Asobo object libraries, which offer perfect optimization and avoid the need to install external libraries.
Can I use the custom airports and scenarios even after finishing the activities in the bundles?
Absolutely yes!
As long as you keep the add-on installed in your community folder, you can use all custom airports and scenarios to create your own flight plans and fly freely.

REMEMBER however to uninstall any other airports with the same ICAO code or names as those in the OBY1 bundles.

Where can I download or purchase products?
You can find links and information on where to download the freeware add-ons, or how to purchase the paid ones, on each product page.
Can I change the weather and time?
In most activities it is possible to change the weather and time, although it is strongly recommended to do them first with the default settings designed for the various missions and flights.
In what languages are the products available?
You can find a table showing all available translations for texts and voices on each page of the different products.
How were the translations of texts and voices made?
Translations are created by an automated system, so there may be inaccuracies.
Can I change the assistance settings?
The tours and all the activities, have been designed and created with specific features that are part of the experience itself, so assistance menus such as for piloting or navigation, for example, have been configured as needed for the various missions and flights. However, some features are modifiable for possible minimal customization of the experience.
Can I fly the tours or activities also in multiplayer?
All products have the multiplayer gaming option enabled.
When restarting a Mission from the beginning, do the positions of the objectives also renew?
No, the targets will always remain in the same positions. 
Some Missions will offer the possibility of being replayed with an automatic change in the positions of the objectives, these Missions are marked as " REPLAYABLE"
Is it compatible with Virtual Reality?
All products can also be used with the virtual reality option available in the Microsoft simulator. The activities featured are also designed to return a great experience in VR, with weather, scenery, landings and operations to be performed, even more exciting in this mode!
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